Aquarium Trader is the sole distributor of premium local, eg. NatureBoys, and international aquarium products, eg Dennerle Products and Dennerle Plants, to the South African market.

In-Vitro Plants

  • No pest infestations or pathogens
  • Guaranteed algae free
  • No snails, or snail eggs

Very compact and highly branched plants in the submersed state, which eliminates the changeover phase from emersed in the aquarium.

First Time

A decision has been made: An aquarium should beautify your living space with a magnificent underwater world. As banal as it may sound, the first consideration is the right location in the room. Certain technical requirements, such as power sockets and a nearby water connection, should also be taken into consideration.

In the following guide you can witness the first few weeks of a newly set up aquarium “Step by Step”

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